Friday, 12 October 2012

Classic 100 Music of France - Day 6

Happy to say most of the pieces in today's countdown were in my predictions of yesterday. I didn't pick Adam's carol O Holy Night or Widor's Organ Symphony No 5. I also had two Debussy Preludes where the countdown put the lot together as one entry. Bit annoyed about that actually, I agree they should be one entry like they were last year but on the voting page there was only about half of them and they were all listed as separate votes. So some fiddle-faddling has taken place there.

So not much in the way of discovery today. Coppelia was new for me and I enjoyed it a lot. Knowing the story it came from, ETA Hoffman's The Sandman, I felt it could have been a bit darker but it was certainly dramatic enough and anyone who reads this blog much will probably have noticed I do like dramatic music.

It was also great to hear the rest of the Suite Bergamasques. I know Clair de Lune deserves its place as a masterpiece and quintessential swoon, but the rest of the pieces in this work deserve to be heard more often too. Differing moods, all strongly represented and offering the pianist a wonderful experience I'm sure.

In my predictions I did forget Canteloube's Songs of the Auvergne, somewhat foolish or maybe just wishful thinking. I'm sorry but I just don't dig it. Probably just lacking in drama or something but I find it saccharine and dull. However, I expect they will come in fairly high. Which means I must accept the demise of Faure's Bereceuse and Poulenc's Sextet, which were both stretches I admit for personal favouritism. Actually, thinking about I don't think Ravel's Tzigane is a likely top 10 piece, not over his String Quartet and Piano Concerto ... so there's something else coming too.

A quick apology too - I meant Saint-Saens Organ Symphony not Concerto ... I voted for it so I do know that. Whoops.

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